Well done to everyone who received a Postcard/Commendation week beginging 7th – 11th September

Great Job 250 points towards your house points!

Jenna Allan
Eleanor Anderson
Lina Bailey
Finn Benbow
Tia Bourne
Cameron Brodie
Adele Brownie
Jo Brown
Brodie Cameron
Anthony Campbell
Alexander Campbell
Felicity Carstairs
Hayden Cassidy
Alizzha Clow
Frieda Conneely
Rebecca Courts
Adam Ferenc
Finn Cain
Cael Godsman
Ava Goldsmith
Charlotte Irons
Sally Irvine
Emma Jones
Zuzanna Luc
Eilidh MacIver
Jenna MacRae
Sandy Masson
Steven Millar
Jason Minard
Caragh Muir
Ella Pederson
Ola Ponska
Lachlan Sangster
Alexander Scott
Aqsa Shahzad
Rebecca Synman
Charlie Taylor
Heidi Toop
Sarah Turner
Jamie Younie
Max Zajchowski

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