Well done to everyone who received a Postcard/Commendation week beginging 16th – 18th September

Great Job – 250 points towards your house points!

Fantastic job for Steven Millar who received a Certificate worth 500 points, well done Steven!

Certificate Steven Millar
Commendation Molly Anderson
Commendation Morven Bayton
Commendation Megan Birkby
Commendation Max Conneely
Commendation Rebecca Courts
Commendation Cameron Duff
Commendation Mack Goldsmith
Commendation Hannah Henderson
Commendation Hamish Henderson
Commendation Ashley Lorimer
Commendation Cara McCubbin
Commendation Arran Millar
Commendation James Musgrove
Commendation Macy Whyte
Postcard Finn Cain
Postcard Oran Hayes
Postcard Oliver Hood
Postcard Chrissy Lister
Postcard Erin Macbeth
Postcard Nicholas Macdonald
Postcard Jake Rodgers
Postcard Bobby Russell
Postcard Sam Thain
Postcard Kelly Wilson

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