Well done to all students who received 1 or more stickers this week. Great Job! Keep up the great work!

Brooklyn Adam

Lucy Adamson

Hudson Allan

Jenna Allan

Zoe Allen

Eleanor Anderson

Lucy Annand

Mac Annand

Joel Aragoneses Guerrero

Harry Arbuthnott

Danika Armitt

Emily Ashmore

Zoe Elizabeth Atkinson

Ewan Avery

Laura Bailey

Lina Bailey

Sasha Bailey

Maddison Barr

Kyle Barrett

Finlay Bayton

Freya Beaton

Finn Benbow

Mikolaj Berowski

Alanah Margaret Bett

Dayna Isobel Bett

Millie Brackenridge

Lily Bremner

Adele Brownlie

Struan Bruce

Finn Cain

Brodie Cameron

Alexander Campbell

Anthony Campbell

Logan Campbell

Felicity Carstairs

Hayden Cassidy

Frieda Conneely

Bradley Cosar

Jack Craigs

Fraser Dallas

Saoirse Derry

Callum Donaldson

Emma Duncan

Isla Easto

Luke Fox

Charlotte Fraser

Darren Frew

Alix Gerrie

Mairi Ghrannd

Hamish Gilligan

Cael Godsman

Ava Scarlet Goldsmith

Holly Annabelle Gordon

Kirsty Grant

Ross Haig

Harris Hansler-Ross

Amy Harper

Tobermory Haworth

Oran Hayes

Mercedes Heneghan

Cara Mary Holman

Oliver Hood

Joshua Huxtable

Charlotte Irons

Sally Irvine

Xander Johnston

Maia Jones

Ollie Justice

Millie Lavin

Chrissy Lister

Zuzanna Luc

Alfie MacDonald

Nicholas MacDonald

Allan MacDougall

Ollie Macfarlane

Caitlin MacGowan

Patrick MacGowan

Eilidh MacIver

Archie MacKenzie

Catrin MacLeod

Kyle MacRae

Lewis Mason

Sandy Masson

Gordon Matthew

Curtis McCormack

Jayden McCourt

Chloe McKay

Max McKeever

Jenna McRae

Kaiden McRae

Oscar Milbauer

Steven Millar

Robbie Milne

Jason Minard

Tia Morrison

Caragh Muir

Rory Munro

Gabriela Nagle

Jessica Nagle

Andrzej Nowacki

Orla Olds

Anna-Maria Palugova

Aleksandra Ponska

Emil Ponski

Simon Porazik

Filip Posobkiewicz

Stuart Rankin

Renar Reinsons

Charlie Robbie

Isla Robbins

Helen Robertson

Jake Rodgers

Amelia Sancho-Mentel

Lachlan Sangster

Andrew Scorgie-Findlay

Alexander Scott

Callum Scott

Gregor Scott

Russell Selvester

Aqsa Shahzad

Bethany Shaw

Fergus Sherlock

Nicole Sroka

Seumas Stewart

Nayeema Sultana

Charlie Taylor

Iona Taylor

Danny Telega

Samuel Thain

Heidi Toop

Sarah Turner

Oliver Walker

Poppy Whittlestone

Olivia Wilkey

Kelly Wilson

Jamie Younie

Max Zajchowski


WE HAVE A FAVOUR TO ASK: think of a person who lives nearby, somebody unlikely to use Facebook, somebody who keeps themselves to themselves.
Pop your name and number on a piece of paper, add a note to say that you, and we, are here to help. Post it through their door…… better still print out our poster, if you can, and write it on that 
#onekingussie #onecommunity #staysafe #stayhome….

Christmas Dance

Tickets for the Christmas dances will be on sale Wednesday-Friday this week and Monday
next week in HWB2 at lunchtime. (Friday breaktime)
Please note they will ONLY be for sale on these dates as numbers are required.  Please
see your Guidance teacher if there is a problem in getting a ticket on these dates.

Tickets Junior Dance £3 and Senior Dance £5.

Thursday Afternoon Flexi Timetable Schedule for Thursday 22nd August 2019


1X Culture Project – Miss Thomson (Rm19)
1Y Culture Project – Mr Avenel (Rm9)
1Z Culture Project – Miss Cuney (Rm10)
2X Social Subjects – Mrs Woodrow (Rm5)
2Y Social Subjects – Miss Maclean (Rm4)
2Z Social Subjects – Mr Wilson (Rm6)
3A Home Economics – HWB1
3B Scottish Studies – Mrs Rossi (RM18)
3C A9 Academy Award – Mrs Nagle (RM7)
3D Computing Science – Mr S Bailey-Young (Rm11)
3E Music (Rm17)
S4 PE 
S5&S6 Scottish Universities Tour
Rock Challenge Meet in Support Centre Classroom 2 with Mrs Olds