Thursday Afternoon Flexi Timetable Schedule for Thursday 22nd August 2019


1X Culture Project – Miss Thomson (Rm19)
1Y Culture Project – Mr Avenel (Rm9)
1Z Culture Project – Miss Cuney (Rm10)
2X Social Subjects – Mrs Woodrow (Rm5)
2Y Social Subjects – Miss Maclean (Rm4)
2Z Social Subjects – Mr Wilson (Rm6)
3A Home Economics – HWB1
3B Scottish Studies – Mrs Rossi (RM18)
3C A9 Academy Award – Mrs Nagle (RM7)
3D Computing Science – Mr S Bailey-Young (Rm11)
3E Music (Rm17)
S4 PE 
S5&S6 Scottish Universities Tour
Rock Challenge Meet in Support Centre Classroom 2 with Mrs Olds


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