Support Centre

Support Centre

All of our pupils in Kingussie High school are entitled to receive whatever help they require to ensure that they benefit from school life. This applies equally whether a pupil has a well identified additional support need which will persist over time or a more short term need. It could be argued that the life of a pupil is not always plain sailing. At any time in a young person’s life some extra support may be required. This may be due to difficulties with learning and schoolwork, issues with health - either short term or long term, an emotional  issue or perhaps because of issues with friends or with home. Any of these issues may impact as a barrier to a pupil getting the most out of school.

The GIRFEC (getting it right for every child) model allows for the child to be at the centre of the staged planning process to meet needs. It may be that for example adjustments can be made to timetables to help support in the short term, additional learning materials can be provided or liaison with class teachers can enable pupils to feel on top of their learning again. Many pupils benefit from receiving help to access appropriate devices and software that help with literacy.

We are lucky to have fantastic facilities in the support centre to help pupils - classrooms, meeting rooms, a nurture area, a quiet room, a life-skills classroom, a medical rest room and a social / games area. These all in their own way allow pupils to have a safe and supportive environment whether for break and lunchtimes or as a base to access help with schoolwork. They also provide a hub area for those with more complex needs.

While the facilities are excellent by far the best resource is the quality, enthusiasm and aptitude of the support teachers and assistants in meeting needs.  This personal support allows pupils to gain as much as possible from opportunities within the curriculum. Opportunities for developing skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work are encouraged along with a focus on appropriate literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.

The support department tries to be as solution focussed as possible giving the child a sense of unconditional positive regard and strives to work closely not only with parents but also with outside agencies where appropriate to meet the needs of pupils. These include our educational psychology service, autism outreach service, medical practitioners including mental health nurse, Job Connect, Caberfeidh horizons bookshop, visual and deaf education services and social work services.

We are also fortunate to benefit from the enthusiasm of senior pupils who help within the support centre and in turn they benefit from leadership opportunities.

The important goal is that pupils get the right help when they need it. We aim to work together to remove barriers which can prevent pupils reaching their full potential.

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