Personal Support Time

Personal Support Time

Personal Support Time.

Kingussie High has an ongoing initiative to support the philosophy of the Curriculum for Excellence and provide young people with another contact point in school.

The programme sees work being undertaken with the following key ideas.

  • Enhancing wellbeing – feeling good functioning well
  • Importance of wellbeing and its link to attainment
  • 5 key areas – Social, emotional, physical, positive self-identity, security and comfort.
  • Entitlement for all pupils

  “All children and young people should have frequent and regular opportunities to discuss their learning and development with an adult who knows them well and with whom they have a mutually trusting relationship.”    


In Personal Support Time young people have opportunities to:

  • Build a positive and trusting relationship with a member of staff
  • Work with a small group of pupils from S1-3
  • Participate in the well-being activities
  • Discuss their learning
  • Reflect on their progress in school
  • Set themselves personal targets
  • Recognise and celebrate achievements in and out of school
  • Feel supported and encouraged to work hard and try new things
  • Recognise their strengths and areas for development
  • Contribute to Tutor Time topics

In S1-3 during the broad general education phase the youngsters are in small groups 4-5 from each year and together with the two other year groups they form a small ‘support group’. The idea here is to facilitate the ‘learning dialogues’ at set periods and the small number allows this to be achieved.

There are currently 13 personal support groups running each week in school.

The tutors are liaising with the ‘Pupil Support Team’ in school; Guidance, Support for Learning Staff; Register teachers and the SLT.

The new electronic pastoral system is being rolled out to incorporate the work of the young people and tutors.


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