The Library

The Library 

Kingussie High School Library seeks to be an inviting place for everyone in our school community.  This website gives you information on:

  • Latest News of events, activities and interesting happenings in the library and nearby
  • Library Info – Staff, Opening Hours & Rules
  • Finding Things – how to find books and other resources in the library
  • Interns – how to become a pupil library assistant
  • Book Groups – how to join one or start a new one
  • Reviews and recommendations of books from pupils and staff.  We want lots of people adding to this – let us know when you’re ready and we’ll show you how.  There will be prizes for top reviewers!
  • A World of Reading – lots of great websites and events on books, authors, films, reading, writing and literature

And remember, our staff are always happy to help, so please ask!  We also have a ‘Suggestions’ box on the librarian’s desk for you to put ideas on anything that might improve the library, from book suggestions to decorating tips.

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