Shinty News!

On Friday a new shinty competition for gaidhlig speaking pupils took place in Newtonmore on the Eilean. There were many teams involved such as Glasgow Gaels, Edinburgh Park and Inverness with two sides entered. 4 pupils of Kingussie High School were involved in the Newtonmore side – Kepa Salazar Roy, Marcus Orr, Ritchie Irvine and Iain Fraser. Iain Robinson S6, was also involved as he was asked to coach the side for the day because of his shinty experience and the fact he is a Gaidhlig speaker. The Newtonmore side was captained by Iain Fraser who led them through the group stage fairly easily, winning all games apart from one which was drawn 0-0 in an exciting match with the Glasgow Gaels team. This meant that Newtonmore had reached the final and would play the only team they failed to beat in Glasgow Gaels. The game was as exciting and competitive as the first and in the 2nd half of 6 mins the sides could only be separated through 2 close range finishes from Newtonmore forward Kepa Salazar Roy. This capped off a hard fought victory for the Newtonmore side after some very tough opponents in the final.

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