Shinty Festival at Kingussie High School 2019

20th March 2019 S.1 and S2 pupils participated in a six a-side shinty festival at the High School organised by the Camanachd Association. We welcomed teams from Oban, Charleston Academy and Inverness Royal Academy. The teams participated in twenty eight games of shinty over the course of the afternoon, with each team getting seven games. The idea was to get as many pupils joining in and enjoying their shinty, rather than having the pressure of trying to win a tournament. Team captains for the K.H.S teams were Hope Borthwick, Rasmus Cheyne, Katie Slimon and Calum Douglas. It was great to see players who had stopped shinty after primary school, coming back to enjoy the game.

Thanks to Katie Drain for organising everything; to Russell Jones and Kingussie Camanachd for lending their goals; to the Canteen staff for their coffees and teas; to Mrs Richard’s Hawaiian team for their baking; referees Andrew Buchan, Fin Anderson and Ritchie Irvine; and especially to Douglas for setting up and lining the pitches to inch perfect measurements (surely putting him in contention for the Camanachd Cup final pitch preparation!)

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