S2 London Citizenship Trip

Photo 2 - London Eye

An opportunity for pupils to explore London has been part of the Kingussie High School Calendar for a number of years. Led by Mrs Marjorie Dean (PT Support for Pupils at KHS) last week, this year’s week long citizenship trip was based from Greenwich in London.

“It is far from a holiday,” says trip leader Mrs Deans, “one of the key purposes of the trip is for pupils to experience exactly what London can be like. We use public transport whenever possible and this includes water taxis, the Underground, the Docklands Light Railway, National Rail, the bus and a lot of walking!”

“London is a very different environment from Kingussie and it is powerful to see our pupils grow in confidence with the city as the week progresses.”

As well at catching the train from Kingussie to London the whole week is action packed with a variety of activities including learning about the Cutty Sark  (one of the largest and fastest tea clippers to be built), a trip to the House of Commons and House of Lords, a flight on the London Eye, a visit to the Science Museum, a tour of Wembley Stadium, a workshop at the BBC (and some celebrity spotting!), an evening performance of the Lion King and a day at Thorpe Park.

While at the Houses of Parliament the group had an opportunity to watch parliament is session and take part in an education workshop on the UK election system. After the workshop they spent 30 minutes with local MP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander. After the workshop Mr Alexander Tweeted, “Great range of questions during the school visit to the House of Commons from Kingussie High School.”

One of the party Mark Walters (S2) explained that one of his highlights was the visit to the BBC, “I really enjoyed the tour of the BBC. It was great to see how the news was produced and I even got to present the weather! Other members of the group got to create a radio play.”

Erin Miller (S2) openly admits to not being a football fan but she was impressed with Wembley, “I didn’t think I would enjoy Wembley because I’m not keen on football but it was really interesting. We got to see the changing rooms, touch the FA Cup, sit in the press room and run out into the groups like the football players. The arena was massive!”

Trips like this are not possible without the commitment of staff and special thanks need to be extended to Mrs Marjorie Deans (trip leader), Mr Bray, Mrs May Hobson, Mrs Ginny Fenton, Mr John McKay, Mr Iain Mackintosh and Mr Nuno da Costa.

Photo 4 - Running onto the pitch at Wembley


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