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This year we are trying a new idea to help parents / carer’s understand what pupils in will be learning about at Kingussie High School between now and the October break. The Planned Learning in S1 Booklet that was sent home today (4th September) is the result. It contains some information for you on what your child is currently studying (between now and October), who their teachers are, what our expectations are from home learning and how you might be able to help your child develop their learning at home.

The booklet is personalised (up to a point) for each child and also reminds you who their guidance teacher is, who their registration teacher is and who their personal support tutor is. They see their personal support tutor on a Wednesday morning for about 25mins and they will sometimes use this time to have a learning conversation or to set targets. They will also see their guidance teacher at least once a week for social education. Over the next few weeks guidance staff will also be facilitating settling in interviews with everyone in S1.

If you like the idea of the planned learning booklet we will continue to produce it over the course of the year and look at the logistics are developing it for other year groups. For us to do this, we will require your feedback – if you get a chance perhaps you could leave some feedback at www.kingussiehigh.org.uk/feedback. If we do develop this idea further we will probably look at how we will deliver the same information electronically.Digital School Bag

You can download Mr Bray’s covering letter that accompanies the booklet directly from here.

If you didn’t get a booklet please get in touch with the school (after you have checked the schoolbag!).

Remember you can read a digital copy of all of the important correspondence from the school in the Digital School Bag. 



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