S1 Badaguish Trip

Photo 1 - Jake Bell Zip Wire

The KHS S1 Badaguish Trip has been running for the last six years and although it is headed by our Guidance Team (Mr Ken Deans and Mrs Sheena Duthie) it involves lots and lots of staff from across the school. Some staff stay all week and some pop up for a day or just an evening. This year nearly 70 pupils opted to take part in the experience and while they were away they followed a very personal timetable of outdoor activities, self-discovery and reflection.

Indeed as a group, between them they zip lined, roller skied, hiked, climbed, paddled, ran, windsurfed, canoed, swam and cycled. On top of this they also baked, danced, steam trained, built shelters, cleaned (not always themselves!), met the reindeer, laughed, cried and sang! Apparently some of them even slept! Over the course of the week everyone took part in a whopping 96 hours of different activities.

One of the highlights of the week for many of the group was the expedition day. This involved cycling from Badaguish to Aviemore, rafting the River Spey to Boat-of-Garten, catching the steam train back to Aviemore and then cycling home for tea and cake (that had been prepared by other members of the group).

Mr Deans explains, “We see the Badaguish trip as being really important and a great end of S1 for KHS pupils. It is great to see the kids have a really deep learning experience in their local environment and find out what they can do on their doorstep before they progress through the school and have the opportunity to visit London, Barcelona and Malawi. For many this is the first part a longer journey of residential experiences with KHS.”

Photo 2 - Backwoods Skills

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