Kingussie High School Does Children in Need

Last Friday in support for Children in Need Kingussie High School ran their traditional dress down day. Rather than dress down the S6 dressed up this year picking the theme of ‘games characters’ and there was everyone from Mario, to packman, to an Angry Bird (and we don’t mean Mrs Adamson!), to Lego Men – even a couple of the teletubbies made an appearance!

As well as raining money by dressing down (or up). There was also an opportunity for students to pay to throw a cream pie at volunteer teachers and a staff vs pupils volleyball match (the pupils won – so there is a call for a re-match!). The S6 did a brilliant job of helping organise things under the watchful eye of Mr Brian Dziennik (PT Technology). As a result of all of their efforts and donation from both staff and pupils at total of £1121.00 was raised for this extremely good cause.

Photo: S6 dressed ready to collect money from the schools non-uniform day.


A work in progress…

This is all a work in progress. But we hope to get most things up and running by the launch date on the 18th November.

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Windsurfing success for Erin

Erin Watson Windsurfing

Erin Watson has had fantastic results recently at the UK Youth and Masters Windsurfing Championships in Weymouth. Out of all the junior Windsurfers (under 16) she was third overall and first girl, an excellent result for someone who has only been windsurfing for three years. As a result she has been selected for the NJS (National Junior Squad) a team of about 12=16 under 16 year olds from around Britain.

Erin was also selected to take part in her first international event as a member of the GB Squad in Lacanau, France.

Cairngorm National Park Speaker supports Geography Class

Brian B

Brian Breckenridge has recently been in school speaking to the High and Intermediate 2 Geography Class about some of the challenges and opportunities of living and farming in the Cairngorms National Park. He gave an interesting and engaging presentation and we hope he might have time to come back to the school again to offer a ‘real-life’ perspective to our learners.


EXCLUSIVE: Prestige Pine [Worldwide] donate 2nd quarter profits to up-hill ski club


Prestige Pine Wordwide are one of the Kingussie High School Young Enterprise Companies. Led by Austen Davey (Chairman) they are an innovative and adaptable company of seven S2 students who have so far have been making their money from selling banana bread throughout the school community.

As part of their company philosophy each quarter they donate any profits to a good cause. This time round it it is the Up-Hill Ski Club of Great Britain.