Modern Languages


Acting Head of Department: Mr Aurelien Avenel  (aurelien.avenel[at] 

Miss C Barraud - Modern Languages Teacher

Miss Fangfang - Mandarian Teacher

Kingussie High School Modern Language Department strives to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to build up an insight into languages other than English. In the multi-cultural world we live in, it is important to foster a sense of tolerance towards other cultures and indeed to gain a deeper understanding of our own culture and language including Gaelic. The local economy depends on tourism as its main source of employment and pupils are encouraged to develop their foreign language skills in order to equip them with useful 21st century communication skills.

Generally in our area, the feeder primaries have laid the foundations of basic French and therefore from S1 to S3, pupils are entitled to learn French in the Broad General Education phase. The provision of Gaelic is currently available to pupils who have followed the Gaelic-medium system at primary school.  From S4 to S6, pupils can choose to progress to one year SQA courses in French and they are also offered Spanish.  Our department consists of French, Spanish and Gaelic specialist teachers who are committed to developing the skills necessary for pupils as they prepare to live and work in a global society.

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