Computing Science


Lead Teacher: Mr S Bailey-Young


Being a digital native and a mere user of technology is not enough. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that in order to thrive and succeed in the Information Age, we need to understand how computers work. Our primary aim is to transform our students from users of technology into creators of technology by giving all our students the opportunity to think, create, persevere and grow.

From nanotechnology to synthetic biology, from wearable technology to self-driving cars, Computing will continue to shape the future that we live in. Computing teaches us how to solve problems by breaking them down into manageable components. In developing our own original solutions, Computing requires us to be both logical and creative. Computing enables us to develop a skillset and mindset which will be useful in practically every other discipline.

Students at Kingussie High School have the opportunity to explore a range of Computing aspects through their core lessons, qualifications and lunch time clubs.

Junior students have a broad Computing curriculum looking at topics such as Text Based Programming, Computer Hardware, App Development, Website Creation, Google Tools and Data Representation.

Senior students can study Computing Science at Nat 4, 5 and Higher which has an academic focus on Software Development, Website Development, Database Development and Compute Systems. Senior students can also study Computer Games Development NPA at Level 4, 5 and 6 as a qualification. This qualification is a very practical subject looking at computer game design, computer game assets and computer game development.