KHS Chemists experience Chemistry at St. Andrews University

We are continuing to build on partnerships with Higher Education.

Last week Mr Kendall took his S5 and S6 Chemistry Students to the St Andrews University Chemistry Department for the day. In the University labs they extracted Eugenol from cloves by steam distillation followed by multiple solvent extractions. The students then established purity and structure using GC-MS, Infra-red spectroscopy and NMR.

Two chemistry professors, a lecturer and two PhD students hosted the day and we also had input from their NMR technician. Students from KHS were just amazing. They were organised, safe, focused and professional and better than some undergraduates according to our hosts!

The students will use the data for their higher valued added write up. They are going to assay the purified Eugenol for anti-microbial bioactivity at different concentrations using a bacterial lawn.

Well done to everyone involved – especially Mr Kendall for organising the day and St. Andrews University for hosting us.

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