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Teacher of Maths

ref: HGH05851

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Monday 21st May 

Interviews will be held 29-30th May.

Teacher of Computing

ref: HGH06119

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Monday 21st May 

Interviews will be held 29-30th May.

We will also be recruiting for a number of other posts very soon (watch this space…).


Please contact Ollie Bray (Headteacher) – ollie.bray [at] if you have any questions or want to make informal inquiries about any of the above posts. Tel: 01540 661475


Why you might want to come and work with us?

In a nutshell…

We are a small school in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park. If you come to work for us you will live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Cairngorms National Park

We are a school that is in a period of transformational change. You should read our inspection reports if you are serious about joining our team and also our thoughts on how your curriculum drives attainment.

We also believe that we are one of the fastest improving schools in Scotland and if you come to work with us you will be a key part of our ongoing improvement journey within a school where we believe anything is possible. We have some great pupils. But, as a school who likes to be honest we admit that but there are a few who could still be better behaved and few that could work a little harder.

Our biggest challenge is aspiration and trying to work across the whole school community so everyone understands what is possible (this includes pupils, staff, parents and our associated primary schools).

We are committed to being a school with traditional values but with a modern approach. Where possible we like to support our learners through the use of our local environment and appropriate technology. We are continuing to work hard to get better at this – if you join us you will have a role here too.

The staff demographic is increasingly new but we are lucky to have some brilliant staff who have been around for a while. They know the community and the school well. All of our staff remain youthful – even the ones close to retirement. This is just one of the things that makes Kingussie High a special place to work.

We have been working hard on our curriculum, but we know that we should be more ambitious. We will need your ideas to make this happen. We run NQs, NCs, PDAs and HNCs – not bad for a small school. To be honest timetabling it all is a bit of a nightmare, but we ask staff not to worry about that. In fact, the only thing we ask you to worry about is teaching the best possible lessons that you can.

An ambitious curriculum will require flexible members of staff. Any staff we recruit need to be flexible and genuinely open minded. Most staff run extra-curricular and lunchtime clubs. Some run trips to remote and undeveloped parts of the world, others run trips to Alton Towers – we value both equally, because they are both important. Partnership is very, very important to us.

We honestly believe that we have the capacity to become the best small school in Scotland. We have made a good start by producing more UK Olympians than any other state school in the UK. Our Headteacher works long hours and can be incredibly boring. But, like all of the other staff in the school he works hard and is enthusiastic (some would say to the point of annoyance).

In recent years we have become a centre for Chinese language learning (the Highland Confucius Hub), rolled out 1:1 computing (chromebooks) across S1 – S6 (including becoming Scotland’s first Google Reference School), built a whole school ‘makerspace’ and with our partners at the University of the Highlands and Islands we are working hard to become a research engaged school (though collaborative enquiry). We not ashamed to admit that we are aiming for ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ in as many quality indicators as possible when HMIe come back to visit us in 2021/2022 (thinking ahead and strategic planning our one of our strengths).

If you are serious about applying for a job with us Google, ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’, ‘System Leadership’, ‘Growth Mindset’, ‘Innovative Schools’, ‘Kingussie High School’, ‘21st century Skills’, ‘1:1 Computing’, ‘TED’ and any other thing that you can think of that might challenge your thinking.

To be clear we are looking for ‘that special something’ and not just experience with any appointments we make. Most importantly you need to be able to relate to our sense of humour and be prepared to be a full member of our intergrated staff team. 

We look forward to reading your application (just don’t make it corporate or boring!) or why don’t you give us a ring for a chat?

Ollie Bray (@olliebray), Headteacher, Kingussie High School.

up-dated: March 2018