Christmas Concert 2013 – fab evening!

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It has been a tough couple of years for Christmas Concerts at Kingussie High School as the assembly hall was out of action while the new extension was being built.

But last Wednesday the concert was back in spectacular festive style. Masterminded by the brilliant Miss Lucy Hodes (the Kingussie High Schools Music Teacher) along with the support of instrumental instructors Mr Lewis Barclay, Ms Olivia Ross, Mr Colin McLean and Ms Heather Hook the performances were nothing less than breath-taking.

The evening opened with music from the Kingussie High School Pipe Band who were all looking very smart in their kilts, ties and black shirts. Next the Senior Choir did an excellent rendition of ‘Good Moring Baltimore’. The opening acts set the tone for an evening that just seemed to get better and better.

The performances included pupils from every year group in the school including the S1 – S3 Music Groups. There were also a number of solo performances from Malissa MacDonald, Megan Sinclair, Ruairidh MacDonald, Sarah Jane Noble, Kirsty MacKintosh, Rhona Convery, Katie Macdonald, Erin Watson, Vicky Stables, Niamh Burnside, Isla Wilson and Eleanor Hickey.

In both the first and second act there was also input from the S1/S3 Drama Group who skilfully read, ‘The Night before Christmas’ and ‘A Carol of Flanders’ which contributed to the warm festive feel that permeated from the evening.

The whole evening was glued together by Kingussie High Schools very own ‘Ant and Dec’, our Headboy and Headgirl, Harry Grant and Eilidh Prescott. Who skilfully linked the acts together using a range of humour, bad jokes and a quick costume change (they presented the whole of the second act dress as Santa and Rudolf!).

After some good old audience participation and a ‘sing-along’ of a few Christmas classics including ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’. Tabitha Brown wrapped the evening up with a solo of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Approximately 100 pupils were involved in the production and as well as those performing others took responsibility for posters, ticket sales and the live editing of the event so that it could be seen on the ‘big screen’ at the back of the hall.

Full list of all performers:

Kingussie High School Pipe Band: Ross Weir, Shaun Grover, Scott Aisthorpe, Sam Appleby, Iain Robertson, Agnesa Palugova, Heather Wisely, Mark Waters, Andrew Kennedy, Eilidh Weir.

Senior Choir: Christina Sheffield, Eilidh Prescott,  Robyn Gunning, Tabitha Brown, Rhona Convery, Vicky Stables, Huw Mitchell, Anna Daniello Cook.

S1/3 Drama and English Pupils: Megan Sinclair, Monique Raranga, Matilda Keegan, Megan Shiells, Jennifer Buchan,  Hannah Robertson.

S1 Music Group: Dylan Sinclair, Kiera Stewart,  Sophie Godsman, Brooke Allan, Erin Ferguson, Olivia Wilson, Katie Matthew.

S2 Music Group: Daniel Brown, Luke Morrison, Flossie Keegan, Shania Strachan, Skye MacDonald, Georgia Musgrove, Kaitlin Welsh.

S3 Music Group: Caitlin Holmes, Imam Khadi, Megan Sinclair, Erin Watson.

Folk Group: Erin Watson, Kiera Stewart,  Callum Lyon, Jennifer Buchan, Monique Raranga, Iona Wright, Karolina Palugova, Gaelin McCallum, Andrew Kennedy, Callum Grant, Ellie Tait.

Soloists/Duets: Malissa MacDonald, Megan Sinclair,  Ruairidh MacDonald, Sarah Jane Noble, Kirsty MacKintosh, Rhona Convery, Katie Macdonald, Erin Watson,  Vicky Stables, Niamh Burnside, Isla Wilson, Eleanor Hickey, Tabitha Brown. 

Film Crew: John Aisthorpe, Jack Maclean, Camryn Swan, Alex McLean, Calvin Taylor and Keiran Burn.

You can still look at the programme by clicking here.

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