N5 Spanish Class Visit “La Tetera” the Spanish Tapas Bar

Yesterday, the Spanish class went on a trip to “La Tetera”, a Spanish tapas bar in Kingussie. The class got to experience a small taster of the Spanish culture through food and language. They had Lentejas y chorizo sopa con pan (Lentil & Chorizo soup with bread) for starters then moved on to a range of tapas including “Tortilla” (like an omelette), Pastelo de atun (Tuna Pie) and Patatas Bravas (Potatos with a red sauce).  Although the food may not have always been to the classes taste they all tried it and attempted to order in Spanish.

‘Coraline’ Book Review with a twist [English]

Book Project

After studying the children’s novel ‘Coraline’, Miss McInnes’ 2nd Year English class were assigned the task of creating a book review with a twist.


Pupils were encouarged to use their creative skills to make something that gave people information about the book. The class put in a tremendous effort and as a result there was a giant button, a homemade doll, games and even an advent calendar!


After an unanimous vote, Aaron Rourke was announced the winner with his fantastic television broadcast which was played to the class.


Well done to everyone involved and congratulations Aaron!