Girls Hockey!


Kingussie High School hockey teams played Charleston Academy in a range of friendlies.The seniors performed extremely well in their new strips- winning 2-0! The first goal was scored by Amber Whitecross with the help of Megan Ralph. The team played some excellent hockey in the first half of the match. In the second half the girls went on to dominate the pitch with an amazing goal from Rachel Borthwick. The team played so well that Jessica Ross (goal keeper) didn’t touch the ball the whole game. The joint women of the match were Joanna Kinnear and Velvet Mcbain for their consistent effort throughout the game. Well done to all the senior girls!

The younger girls also performed well in a round robin with the s3s coming 2nd and the s1s coming 3rd. They all played consistently throughout the game, scoring some really good goals. Well done to the junior girls! Keep it up.