Kingussie Exam Success


There were ‘woops’ of excitement as students from ‘the Straths’ largest secondary school opened their exam results on Tuesday morning.

“We are absolutely delighted with the results,” said headteacher Ollie Bray, “the pupils from Kingussie High school who sat exams this year have a lot to be proud of. Overall and accumulate attainment has risen again this year and we are confident that our attainment will continue to rise in future years. A massive thanks needs to go to all of the very hard working staff that we have at Kingussie who have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to ensure that all of our pupils achieved their potential in this years exam diet.”

This is the first year that pupils have had an opportunity to sit the new New Higher Qualifications and the second year of National 5 Qualifications (which replaced the old Standard Grade System for the first time last year).

“Overall we are very pleased with both our National 5 and Higher results,” said Depute Head Teacher and SQA Co-ordinator Mr Ian Adamson, “This is the second year of the new National 5 qualifications and there has definitely been a ‘raising of the bar’ when you compare National 5 to the old Standard Grade system. The pupils at Kingussie have certainly risen to the challenge and attainment is on the up.”

Attainment is also on the rise at Higher Level with notable subject successes in music, PE, languages and across the sciences. Depute Head Kenny Reid adds, “It is great to see our pupils continue to raise to the challenge of Higher level courses. In the build up to the examinations I noticed a real sense of our young people wanting to do well and ‘upping their game’ after the preliminary examinations in February.”

Although all of the pupils at Kingussie should be very proud of what they have achieved the following young people in S4 and S5 did particularly well


  • Danial Thain Six National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Graphic Communication, Maths and Physics)
  • Hannah Robertson Seven National 5s at Grade A (Art, Drama, English, French, History, Maths and Modern Studies)
  • Bethan Rimmer Six National 5s at Grade A (Biology, English, French, History, Maths and Modern Studies)
  • Monique Raranga Six National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Graphic Communication, Maths and Physics)
  • Paulina Palugova – Six National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Maths and Physics)
  • Beth Mickel Five National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths and Physics) and One Higher Award at Grade A (History)
  • Alex McLeanSix National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Gaidhlig, Maths and Physics)
  • Ruairidh McDonaldSix National 5s at Grade A (Drama, English, Maths, Modern Studies, PE and Spanish) and One Higher at Grade A (Music)
  • Caitlin Holmes Five National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths and Physics) and One Higher at Grade A (Music)
  • Daniel Donald Six National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Graphic Communication, Maths and Physics)
  • Katrina Courts Six National 5s at Grade A (Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths, Modern Studies and Spanish)
  • Sam Appleby – Five National 5s at Grade A (Chemistry, English, Graphic Communication, Maths and Physics) and One Higher at Grade A (Music)



  • Eleanor Tait – Six Highers at Grade A (Biology, Maths, Product Design, English, Chemistry and Geography)
  • Kirsty Adam – Six Highers at Grade A (Maths, Physical Education, English, French, Geography and Physics)

Many of the outgoing S6 will also be delighted with their performance and as a result have secured places in a number of Scottish Universities University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow St. Andrews University, University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), Stirling University and Edinburgh Napier.

Any pupil or parent who is worried about an examination result because of a better or worse result than expected can contact Headteacher, Ollie Bray at the school. Advice has also published on the school website

Kingussie High school opens back for pupils on the 18th August.

Practical Steps for Parents to Support Exam Results Day


We are very pleased with the results at Kingussie High School – but not everyone will have got what they were looking for. The sound advice below from Skills Development Scotland that we have cross posted below. Mr Bray will be in school this week if any current (or past) pupils need a hand with anything.


[From: SDS / My World of Work]

It’s exam results day and your child might not have the results they hoped for or needed. Here are some practical steps you can take to support them:

1. Look for the positives

Be supportive. Reassure your child that they still have many options open to them; it might just mean that they take a different route to get the career they want. For example, instead of going to university to study engineering they might consider a Modern Apprenticeship.

2. Don’t rush a decision

The most important thing is not to panic. Encourage your child not to rush into any decisions. They need to take time to think about what they want to do next. My World of Work has advice to help them think about their next steps. My Strengths can help them see what they’re good at and offers career suggestions. They can also phone the Exam Results Helpline to speak to an adviser and talk about their options.

Exam Results Helpline

3. Let them take control

Resist the temptation to take the lead. Instead, encourage your child to research their options. If your child is feeling disappointed and worried, it’s good for them to take action and feel they’re actually working towards a solution themselves.

4. Understand the next steps

Understanding what options your child has can help you support them as they make their decision. We’ve listed a few below:

  • Appeals

    Your child’s school or college can request a clerical check or marking review from the SQA as part of their Results Services. Don’t wait too long as there are tight deadlines, particularly for pupils with conditional offers.

  • Clearing

    If your child didn’t get the results they needed for their chosen course, they could still get a place at college or university through Clearing. The important thing is to make sure your child doesn’t just grab the first thing they come across because it’s available and they have the grades. Encourage them to consider something they enjoy and make sure the courses on offer give them a definite route – if slightly different from first planned – towards their preferred career.

  • Resits

    Resitting exams in sixth year is always an option and having already been through a course, your child will have a very good idea of what’s actually required. College can also be a good option for resitting Highers. It’s a fresh start as well as a useful introduction to more independent study. Find out more about resits.

  • Modern Apprenticeships

    Your child might decide that they want to go straight into work and a Modern Apprenticeship (MA) is a chance for them to learn on the job and get a qualification at the same time. MAs cover over 70 different job areas including accountancy, engineering, journalism, ICT and sport and there’s no limit to where your child can go next. Find out more about Modern Apprenticeships.

  • Gap year

    A year spent travelling or working can add a great deal to a personal statement or CV. Sometimes it’s not just about getting the grades for a specific course or job. Working in hospitality, call centres or retail provides a valuable set of practical and soft skills that future employers, colleges and universities will look favourably upon.

What next?

Find more advice on how to help your child when they receive their results.

It’s also worth registering for a My World of Work account, which will give your child access to tools to help them with next steps.

[From: SDS / My World of Work]

S4/S5 & S6 Preliminary Examination Timetable

Study for exams

Prelim Exams start on the 31st January and all students have now been given an exam timetable.

You can access a digital copy of the exam timetable here.

There are also a few other things to remember:

  • Please check arrangements, level and times for exams. If there are any clashes with your subjects, see your teacher or Mr Reid as soon as possible.
  • Attendance is as normal during preliminary examination time and registration takes place in register rooms.
  • Examinees should make their way to the exam room immediately after being registered. Candidates must phone in if they are unable to attend and should arrange for an assessment with the relevant subject teacher when they return to school.
  • Non-examinees follow normal timetable, unless conflated to a specific room by the department concerned or as directed via the notes etc.
  • Listen carefully to the morning notes for any changes to the planned arrangements.  Re-arranged interval or lunch times will be made for those concerned.
  • Some exams have an unusual start time due to their length – Take careful note of ALL start times and exam rooms.
  • Any questions – see Mr Reid.