Week 5: Coding Challenge: A Custom Story

Programming is often seen as super complicated – and while a lot of it is – there is plenty you can do with just a little bit of knowledge. Below are a few lines of python code that when run create a short story based on what you type in. Just visit this website, delete the code already there, then copy and paste the code below into the box on the left. Finally, run the code and type in the details of your story on the right.
If you manage all that take a look at the extension challenge where you can add more details to your story or even create your own code.

FAO S4-S6 Parent/Carers/Pupils – If you are taking part in the Schools/ELC Asymptomatic Testing Programme please take time to read the  letter  here and complete our online consent form.

Our collection points for the self testing kits for S4-S6 will be as follows:

Kingussie High School – Tuesday 9th to Friday12th March between 10.30 and 1.30pm

Aviemore Hub – Thursday 11th March between 10 and 12pm.

If you have any questions please email jennifer.allan@kingussiehigh.org.uk

We now need to align our plans with the local authority Education Service who are awaiting further updates from the Scottish Government. At that point a letter from Nicky Grant, (Interim Executive Chief Officer, Education) will be issued and we will be in a position to share the school’s plans with all pupils, parents & carers.