Congratulations to all our students who received a Postcard/Commendation/Stickers

Congratulations to all our students who received a Postcard/Commendation/Stickers last week.  Fantastic work

Brooklyn Adam
Lucy Adamson
Argyle Allan
Bailey Allan
Grace Allan
Jenna Allan
Zoe Allen
katie alsop
Carrick Amos
Rory Anderson
Mac Annand
Joel Aragoneses Guerrero
Harry Arbuthnott
Zoe Elizabeth Atkinson
Ewan Avery
Laura Bailey
Lina Bailey
Sasha Bailey
Niamh Bain
Katie Bamber
Aidan Barnard
Maddison Barr
Freya Beaton
Kai Beattie
Finn Benbow
Jemima Benbow
Mikolaj Berowski
Alanah Bett
Dayna Bett
Emily Birkby
Megan Birkby
Sam Boyd
Millie Brackenridge
Kayla Bradshaw
Ella Brimblecomb
Struan Bruce
Peter Cairney
Anthony Campbell
Felicity Carstairs
Lilly Carswell
Hayden Cassidy
Logan Chisholm
Calum Clark
Kuba Clark
Kyle Clark
Olivia Clark
Alizzha Clow
Frieda Conneely
Max Conneely
Nicole Coupar
Rebecca Courts
Iona Craig
Jack Craigs
Ciaran Croft
Joshua Crofts
Sophie Cruickshank
Ross Cuthbert
Rebecca Dargie
Zara Darnley
Jay Darroch
Keiran Derry
Saoirse Derry
Georgia Duke
Isla Easto
Carys Edmonds
Harvey Fishpool
Luke Fox
Charlotte Fraser
Connie Fraser
Ruby Gilfillan
Michael Gimbert
Cael Godsman
Tate Godsmith
Ava Scarlet Goldsmith
Holly Annabelle Gordon
Kirsty Grant
Millie Grant
Riley Green
Lucy Haig
Ross Haig
Lachlan Hanna
Harris Hansler-Ross
Nicholas Harper
Daisy Harrington
Lily Harrington
Mercedes Heneghan
Corran Hood
Elliot Hughes
Rachel Hull
Cameron Inglis
Charlotte Irons
Shannon Irvine
Sandy Jeffrey
Xander Johnston
Emma Jones
Lucy Jones
Maia Jones
Leon Justice
David khDavidCoyle
Sophie Kirkland
Sydnie Lenney
Katie Lowther
Zuzanna Luc
Erin Macbeth
Ollie Macfarlane
Caitlin MacGowan
Paddy MacGowan
Iain MacIver
Natasha Mackay
Madeline Mackellaig
Archie MacKenzie
Lewis Mackintosh
Catrin MacLeod
Rachel Macpherson
Kyle MacRae
Lewis Mason
Fergus Masson
Gordon Matthew
Sarranne McClure
Stevie-Leigh McCormack
Cara McCubbin
Amalie McGrath
Chloe McKay
Max McKeever
Cailean McKerron
Logan McLellan
Maili Mcleod
Zara McNiven
Charley McRae
Kaiden McRae
Rory Mellis
Oscar Milbauer
Arran Millar
Isla Millar
Steven Millar
Robbie Milne
Callum Moneagle
Mollie Moneagle
Tia Morrison
Creag Muir
Mackenzie Murray
Gabriela Nagle
Jessica Nagle
Leo Neal
Orla Olds
Marcus Orr
Catrin Owens
Ella Pedersen
Charlie Phillips
Emil Ponski
Simon Porazik
Filip Posobkiewicz
Liam Rankin
Stuart Rankin
Declan Reynolds
Gemma Robberts
Isla Robbins
Kerry Robbins
Brook Robertson
Christina Robertson
Helen Robertson
Lorna Robertson
Louise Robertson
Nathan Ross
Bobby Russell
Dylan Sangster
Andrew Scorgie-Findlay
Alexander Scott
Callum Scott
Gregor Scott
Bethany Shaw
Carys Simon
Robert Sinclair
Zoe Smillie
Rebecca Snyman
Nayeema Sultana
Jack Swarbrick
Charlie Taylor
Iona Taylor
Danny Telega
Samuel Thain
Scott Thomson
Heidi Toop
Sarah Turner
Megan Vis
Oliver Walker
Euan Scott Warden
Logan Warwick
Macy Whyte
Kelly Wilson
Jamie Younie
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Congratulations to all our students who were awarded a postcard

Congratulations to all our students who were awarded a postcard (worth 250 points) last week. Brilliant work!
Bethany Shaw
Corran Hood
Ella Pederson
Felicity Carstairs
Hayden Cassidy
Jenna Allan
Jess Nagle
Natasha Mackay
Nayeema Sultana
Oliver Walker
Olivia Clark
Oscar Milbauer
Peter Cairney
Rachel Hull
Zoe Atkinson


WE HAVE A FAVOUR TO ASK: think of a person who lives nearby, somebody unlikely to use Facebook, somebody who keeps themselves to themselves.
Pop your name and number on a piece of paper, add a note to say that you, and we, are here to help. Post it through their door…… better still print out our poster, if you can, and write it on that 
#onekingussie #onecommunity #staysafe #stayhome….

The BBC has launched lots of new programming and resources

The BBC has launched lots of new programming and resources, online and on the TV, to keep us all busy. There is also an app. Daily BBC Bitesize lessons will start being published from April 20th. BBC Scotland will be broadcasting lessons aimed at Higher and Nationals during its daytime schedule. BBC4 will have programs in the evening for GCSE and A Level that will be relevant too. BBC Sounds is launching podcasts for primary and secondary pupils.