2013 Christmas Assembly [and flash mob]

Christmas Assembly

As with most schools the last day of term at this time of year means a Christmas Assembly. Our assembly this year was put together by Mrs Rossi with input from Miss Hodes. It was a great blend of festive messages but also a bit of fun.

The senior choir got everyone warmed up with, ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ and then following Mr Bray’s brief introduction there were a number of readings reminding us of the historical context of the Nativity Story as well as readings from St. Luke. These were all expertly delivered by Harry Grant(S6), Eilidh Prescott (S6), Katy Falconer (S1) and Kiera Stewart (S1).

Next up was Rev. Alison Burnside (our local Minister) who provided a good philosophical perspective on how people think about Christmas in different ways and on why Christmas is and should be important.

Ruairidh McDonald followed next with a solo performance of, ‘One in Royal David’s City’ and the round of applause he received provided lots of evidence that he had done a brilliant job.

The comedy trio of James Findlayson  (S5), Craig Smiley (S5) and Scott Fryatt (S5) then performed an amusing sketch which exposed a few myths about Santa (or Nick as he liked to be called), including where he came from (Turkey) and how he came to drop presents down the chimney in the first place.

Then it was time for another voice solo, this time it was the turn of Vicki Stables repeating her performance from the Christmas Concert,  “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”.

Finally, the choir closed the preceding’s (or so we thought) with ‘Away in a Manger’.

Mr Bray stood up to give the vote of thanks and then started to waffle on about some education statistics – at which point he was ‘flash mobbed’ by a pile of Senior Pupils and Staff who sung their own version of ‘Feed the World’. Anyway, Mr Bray was in on it  because he had his own verse to sing (if only he could sing in tune!).

Next there was sing-off between Mr Bray’s side of the audience and Mr Adamson’s side of the audience in the Kingussie High Schools version of the 12 days of Christmas.

  • 12 pens and pencils12 Pens and Pencils
  • 11 commendations
  • 10 e1 trackings,
  • 9 study sessions,
  • 8 long assemblies,
  • 7 unplanned visits,
  • 6 good work stickers,
  • 5 central detentions,
  • 4 undone ties
  • 3 red jackets,
  • 2 fast tracks
  • and a homework diary!!


In the end we concluded the sing-off was a draw, it is Christmas after all. Some photos of the merriment below…

Have a great Christmas from all at Kingussie High School!

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